Giants' Royal Rumble

A Lovely Day in Bryn Shander Pt. 2


  • Bryce (Bryce) – Human Paladin 5
  • Elenore Timare (A.J.) – Human Fighter 5
  • Erky (Vance) – Gnome Sorceror 5

Named NPCs Encountered

Bryn Shander

  • Markham Southwell – Sheriff, bought the party some drinks and promised to pay them 200gp each if they spend a few days checking in with nearby homesteads and letting them know there is frost giant trouble.


  • After the fires were put out, Sheriff Southwell bought the party drinks.
  • The next morning, Southwell offered the party 200 gold each to spend a few days traveling to homesteads and warning the surrounding peoples about the giants.
  • The first day passed without incident, ending at a steadhold and a warm stable to spend the night in.
  • Day two the party spotted tracks from a sizable group of humans accompanied by wolves.  They saw smoke on the horizon and found the next steadhold's ashes cooling.  A single survivor confirmed that they were raided by the Uthgardt Grey Wolf clan who took hostages and headed west to an old ruin.
  • The party followed the trail and found the barbarians camping in the ruins, with their wolves gnawing on a dead steadholder.
  • Attempting to sneak to the south, Erky ran into a barbarian keeping watch and used the sleep spell to knock him out.
  • The wolves heard Erky cast the spell and crept back to investigate, spotting the party.  Howling and fighting broke out.
  • Warriors started to charge.  The party was good at dispatching them.
  • The leaders of the tribe joined the fray, three of which were werewolves and the other a shaman.
  • Erky found out that the Uthgardt really don't like "witches".  The lightning bolts didn't endear him either.
  • Bryce kept using moonbeam to force the werewolves to revert forms.
  • Elenore found that weapons don't do a lot to hurt werewolves, but you can piss them off and make them try and eat you.
  • Bryce got bit and infected.
  • Erky got stabbed a bunch and fell down.
  • Elenore dropped.
  • And finally Bryce fell.
  • All told, they killed 15 warriors, 3 wolves, 2 werewolves (including the chief), and injured the shaman and remaining werewolf.
  • The shaman decided that Elenore and Bryce both fought with great honor, and made sure they were given the greatest "gift" of the Grey Wolf tribe.  They woke up in the morning half naked, healed, and with a wolf bite scar.
  • Erky woke up under a barbarian corpse, grateful that they presumed he was dead.
  • 2/3 of the party are werewolves now.  Time to figure out player lycanthropy.


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