Giants' Royal Rumble

A Lovely Day in Bryn Shander


  • Bryce (Bryce) – Human Paladin 5
  • Linore Timare (A.J.) – Human Fighter 5
  • Erky (Vance) – Gnome Sorceror 5

Named NPCs Encountered

Bryn Shander

  • Augrek Brighthelm – Deputy Sheriff who greeted the characters at the gate.
  • Scramsax – Proprieter of the Northlook, an overpriced inn and taproom that caters to adventurers and mercenaries.  Don't mess with him.
  • Sirac of Suzail (A.J.) -  An acolyte of Torm, Sirac is the bastard son of Artus Cimber.  Gave himself over to the giants to save the town.
  • Beldora (Vance) – Harper spy and something of a vagrant, she spent most of the giant attack directing townsfolk to shelter.
  • Sir Baric Nylef (Bryce) – Knight of Tyr seeking a bounty.  Fought a winter wolf in the attack.
  • Duvessa Shane – Town speaker.  Seen failing to negotiate with the attacking giants.
  • Markham Southwell – Sheriff, fought the other winter wolf.
  • Drufi – Female Frost Giant who lead the attack on Bryn Shander.


  •  Arrived at Bryn Shander from the SW road.  It was a long, cold, trek.
  • Greated by Augrek Brighthelm.  Directed to the Northlook for card games and job postings.
  • Stabled the horses and wandered to the inn.
  • The Northlook is a raucous place.  Card games and boxing were the entertainment for the night.
  • Erky dealt into the card game.  Elenore got herself a room and sampled the liquor (bad).  Bryce signed himself up for a boxing match against "Jack the Beast".
  • The boxing was more "'80s action star that won't go down" and less a show of finesse.  Bryce lost, but it was a friendly thing.  Afterwards most people didn't want to fight him.  Elenore lost a little money betting on the fight.
  • Erky realized one of the dwarves he was playing with was cheating somehow. (Marked cards.)  Started telling stories about electrocuting past cheaters, added a little tension to things.
  • Elenore signed up to box against a man named Bob who was much larger than her.  He was tough, but she got in a good jaw shot and he dropped.  Won some money this time!  Accidentally offended Bob who went to glower from a table in the corner.
  • Erky keeps loosing, though it at least seems fairly for the time being.
  • Elenore buys Bob and his friends a round of drinks, tension defused.
  • Erky has a luck winning streak.  The cheating dwarf accuses him of cheating.  A yelling match ensues, which escalates into one of the other players attacking the cheating dwarf once the card markings were discovered.  Brawling and breaking things ensues.
  • Erky uses a sleep spell to knock the two idiots out.  Scramsax tosses them out forcefully… less their coin purses.
  • Elenore burns the marked cards.
  • Everyone finishes their food and turns in for the night.
  • Next morning the party decides to go around town and check for job postings.  The inn's rates are going to bankrupt them quick.
  • Drufi, accompanied by two body guards with winter wolves approaches the gates and demands the town turn over Artus Cimber, who they know is in town.
  • Duvessa Shane (accurately) says that she doesn't believe Artus is in town.  Drufi has her guards signal the rest of the frost giants who surround the town and start lobbing boulders in.
  • One of Drufi's guards starts pounding on the gate.
  • The characters rush to the gate and Elenore starts taking pot shots at the giant.  The players also get control of a few NPCs at this time.
  • The gates burst open as the crossbar shatters, in come giants and winter wolves.
  • Erky tries to address the giants, catches a thrown boulder for his troubles.  The 30' fall off the wall was the nicest part about that.
  • Bryce get's to try jumping off the wall for a two-handed maul flying smite.  It felt good.  He even stuck the landing.
  • Getting hit by giants' greataxes hurts.  Bryce can attest to this.
  • Elenore enters the fray in full tank mode.  Makes a point to jab the giant with a longsword any time he ignores her, trying to get him to focus on her.
  • Sir Baric and the Sheriff learn why people are afraid of winter wolves, but hold their own.
  • Erky keeps missing with his fire spells. (Seriously needs to role above a 3.)
  • Beldora directs townspeople to safety, then starts trying to kill something with splinters. (Light crossbow to giant.)
  • Sirac, realizing he could claim his heritage offers himself to the giants as collateral to let the town go free.
  • Drufi accepts by snatching him and signaling the retreat.
  • As it retreats, Bryce manages to reverse the knee of the giant they had been beating with the maul.  It falls on a spear rack.  No more giant.
  • The other giants leave sneering at their fallen comrade.  The winter wolves follow.
  • That's where we call it for the day.


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