Giants' Royal Rumble


  • Bryce (Bryce) – Human Werewolf Paladin 5
  • Elenore Timare (A.J.) – Human Werewolf Fighter 5
  • Erky (Vance) – Gnome Sorceror 5


  • The party tracked the Grey Wolf tribe for a couple days.
  • While camping for the night, Elenore spotted a Winter Wolf at a distance.
  • The next day the party stumbled across a battle between a frost giant and three fire giants. They mopped up the two remaining fire giants. There was loot.
  • Escorting several homesteaders, the party returned to Bryn Shander.
  • Bryce and Elenor had the local priest of Torm try to remove the curse of Lycanthropy. The spell failed for both of them, but they learned the specific strain was a "blessing" from Malar to the Grey Wolf Tribe.
  • Erky met a witch and picked up werewolf repellant and a silver knife.
  • The party set out again and tracked the Grey Wolf Tribe to an old dwarven ruin.
  • They assaulted the place killing many wolves and tribe members.
  • They found the shaman who ordered the remainder of the tribe to kill them, which is where we will pick up next time.


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